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If left unmanaged, anger issues can affect your health, your career, and your relationship with family and friends, classmates and co-workers. Although you will never be able to eliminate every situation that triggers an angry response, with counseling and support, you can learn how to effectively manage your reaction to these situations and regain control of your life. Like all forms of counseling, the success of treatment requires participation and a commitment.

Everyone gets angry from time to time; anger is a human emotion after all. In fact, anger can often motivate us to make difficult changes in our lives when nothing else will. Anger itself is not the problem; it is how we chose to react to the anger that gets us in trouble. Anger can become dangerous and professional help can be extremely beneficial.

Anger can become a powerful force that is harmful to you and others around you. Sarcasm and hurtful comments meant to demean or shame others are a form of anger. Consistent complaining, demanding, brooding, and sulking or constant moodiness can be forms of unresolved anger. If you find you can’t “let-it-go” even after the situation has passed or is resolved, your anger may be controlling your life.

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Jim Bottenhorn, MA, LLP, has over 30 years of experience as a mental health professional. He has a Masters degree in psychology and is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Limited Licensed Psychologist. He has taught classes and seminars on a variety of topics including: anger management, stress management, suicide prevention, defusing angry customers, to name a few. His audiences have included social workers, police, fire fighters, nurses, physicians and lay persons. He has consulted with a number of employers in the Grand Rapids, west Michigan area to help manage anger issues in the workplace.

Email Jim at or call and leave a message at: 616 940-0255.